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About World Libraries

Our Purpose

World Libraries is a unique, free, peer-reviewed library and information science journal. It provides a forum dedicated to all aspects of librarianship throughout the world. This journal is dedicated to librarians and libraries in regions without associations or agencies to encourage scholarly communication and professional development. World Libraries exists to give a voice to librarians in every nation, allowing them to freely share their stories and experiences of how they make things work under unique and sometimes difficult circumstances. Formerly appearing only in print, this peer-reviewed publication of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University is entering a new era of free and open access by publishing on the World Wide Web. As an openly accessible journal—without registration, passwords or fees—World Libraries will reach more readers and contributors than ever before, connecting librarians in highly developed countries with those facing the most basic professional and socio-economic challenges.

Guy Marco, original editor of World Libraries (formerly known as Third World Libraries), wrote,

"After all, our fundamental belief as librarians is that libraries promote what is 'good'—and the final good of a society is its own progress, which allows the individual to progress as well."

World Libraries is simply dedicated to the international nature of librarianship, promoting communication and relationships both professionally and personally. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University is proud to support this journal, promoting progress in libraries throughout the world.