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Featuring the papers presented by the Cuban delegation to ALA/CLA


The Pioneers: Olinta Ariosa Morales (1921-1999)
Marta Terry González

The American Library Association and Cuba's Libraries: An Overview 2001 to 2004
John Berry

Payment for Services Rendered: US-Funded Dissent and the "Independent Libraries Project" in Cuba
Rhonda L. Neugebauer

Special Libraries and Other Information Institutions in Cuba
Marta Terry González

Rural Libraries in Cuba: Experiences in Camagüey
Enma Presilla Andréu

Training of Librarians in Cuba
Margarita Bellas

Reading Initiatives: A Major Effort by the Libraries of the San Antonio de los Baños Community, Havana Province
Marciela Corvo de Armas

Cuban Libraries: Progress Report to CNN
Eliades Acosta Matos

Tale of Two Conferences – Cuba Style
Gretta E. Siegel

The Urge to Preserve: Cuban Collaborations
Jeanne Drewes