World Libraries


The Pioneers: William John Harris
Maxwell A. Oyinloye

New Standards for Library Education in Nigeria
R. U. Ononogbo and Z. M. Falaiye

The Nigerian Law of Defamation and
Its Impact on Libraries

James Abayomi Agaja

Instructional and Research Resources
for Library Education in Nigeria

Michael G. Ochogwu

Chile's Binational Center Library
Elizabeth N. Steinhagen and María Teresa Herrero

A Basic Package of Information Sources
for Dealing with Transnational Corporations

A Book Buyer in Algeria
Abazar Sepehri

The Perception of Technological Gap and Technological Lag
Michael E. D. Koenig


Appointing University Librarians in Nigeria:
A Critique of the Process.

Benki S. Womboh

The Scientific Literature Service in Tanzania
Kebede Gessesse